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Hammacher Schlemmer Institute Tests Consumer Products

by Ozeri Corporation

Focused on designing and fabricating lifestyle solutions, Ozeri Corporation uses high-quality materials and innovative designs to create housewares products. Ozeri Corporation distributes its goods through a number of top retailers, including Hammacher Schlemmer.
In addition to selling a wide range of merchandise, Hammacher Schlemmer operates the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute to analyze, test, and rank consumer products in each category in order to discover the best items. A nonprofit consumer advocacy group, the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute has worked to objectively rate products since it began in 1983.
In order to bestow the “Best” designation with confidence, the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute ascertains all the top products in a certain category before subjecting the items to rigorous testing. The tests are carefully developed to simulate how the product would be used by a consumer.
After testing, the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute gathers additional product reviews from experts, such as professional chefs, who can provide knowledgeable insights. The organization also utilizes certified independent laboratories, consumer testing panels, and specialized testing equipment. According to the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, products evaluations are conducted objectively without sway from merchants or manufacturers.                            
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