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Microban Technology Helps Prevent Bacteria Growth

by Ozeri Corporation

A manufacturer of digital lifestyle products based in San Diego, California, Ozeri Corporation is an emerging company in the consumer marketplace. Ozeri Corporation stands out as the first company to utilize Microban technology in its kitchen appliances in order to limit the growth of bacteria that cause odors, stains, and illness.
Kitchen and bath scales easily accumulate bacteria through frequent exposure to raw food items and contact with skin and moisture, particularly if not thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Unprotected surfaces can also become bacteria breeding grounds, allowing bacteria to multiply rapidly and double every 20 minutes. Furthermore, bacteria remains invisible to the naked eye until it has multiplied to the hundreds of thousands.
Microban technology is infused into Ozeri products at the time of manufacture and integrates with the products’ molecular structure in order to provide ongoing protection against bacteria. Its integration into Ozeri products offers lifetime protection that cannot wear off over time as disinfectants do. Microban technology is designed to act in conjunction with proper and regular and cleaning procedures and not as a replacement.
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