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Ozeri Corporation’s New Pots Offer High-Quality, Hands-Free Cooking

Ozeri Corporation

Ozeri Corporation makes consumer kitchenware and cookware designed for precision and ease of use. The San Diego, California-based company has expanded from its original base of manufacturing high-quality digital products for the hospitality market to offer individual consumers the chance to upgrade their homes. Ozeri Corporation’s Stainless Steel Inductive Pot Set consists of six state-of-the-art pieces with hands-free, tempered glass lids.

The innovative, patent-pending design of these lids makes each step of food preparation exponentially easier. Their adaptive construction allows customers to rotate them to achieve a secure seal or open them to the desired capacity. Cooks can fine-tune the rotation of the lids to achieve a precise degree of straining while using both hands to grip the pot and pour. The lids can additionally be inserted directly into a pot’s handle to obtain a stand-alone unit that permits hands-free cooking.
The pieces in the Stainless Steel Pot Set stack comfortably inside one another. The set includes a 4.8-quart pot, as well as smaller ones measuring 2.9 and 1.4 quarts each.
Crafted from high-grade 18/8 SS304 stainless steel, the pots will last for years of regular use, thanks to their tri-ply construction. Their brushed interior surfaces and glossy exteriors resist discoloration and do not interact with the composition of foods. And because the pots feature impact-bonded, magnetized bases, they offer superior conductivity on electric, gas, induction, and other types of cooking surfaces.

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