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Precise Water Temperature Measurements Keep Babies Safe in the Bath

by Ozeri Corporation

A leading provider of top-quality digital products for the home, Ozeri Corporation offers several products that owe their genesis to specialty gift items originally developed for resort guests. One unique product created by Ozeri Corporation, the Duckymeter, combines the popular rubber duck toy with a color-coded thermometer that allows parents to keep little ones happy and safe during bath time, both at home and while traveling. The Duckymeter displays the bath temperature in color, with blue when the water is too cold, red when it is too hot, and green when just right. Since water that is too hot can scald a baby, parents should aim to keep water temperature around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure that it does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
While baths can be enjoyable and relaxing for babies and children, parents must take precautions. To avoid scalds in the bathroom, parents may need to adjust the temperature of the water coming out of the tap, especially when traveling. Parents should always test the water temperature before putting their child in the bath, swirling the bathwater to make sure that it does not have hot and cold areas. In addition, parents of newborns should avoid water that measures less than 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit, since this can lower the baby's body temperature.
Using a thermometer to measure the precise temperature of bath water is the best way to prevent unfortunate consequences caused by too-hot or too-cold water. In addition, parents should supervise babies and young children in the bath at all times.                            
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